Frequently Asked Questions

My house is very clean – why do I have pests?

Insects and rodents can enter your home through very small gaps and cracks in properties,
in search of food, water and shelter. This therefore can happen in the cleanest of homes and
not because it is dirty, or unclean in any way.

How long will a visit from Aries Pest Control take?

This varies greatly, as it wholly depends on the type of treatment required, the size of the
property and the level of the infestation. Rest assured though – our prices are not based on an
hourly rate, prices given are per treatment, however long it takes.

I am concerned that I have a dog/cat. Will the treatment be safe for them?

All rodenticides, if deemed a suitable solution to your problem, are placed safely in areas inaccessible to pets, or they are placed in lockable bait boxes. Treatments requiring the use of insecticides are sprayed at low level concentrations, which are very unlikely to harm a pet. However, we do advise to keep pets away from sprayed areas for two hours, after treatment.

What happens on a visit?

The technician will inspect the property, carrying out a risk assessment, to establish the
scale of the infestation and to look at any damage caused. The appropriate course of action is
then taken for your particular problem, the treatment is administered and advice is then
offered to prevent any future problems. Please note that for some pests, such as mice and rats,
more than one visit will be required (included in the quoted price)

Do I have to leave the property during the treatment?

Only during any spraying required. As with properties with pets, we recommend that the
treated areas are vacated and avoided, for two hours after spraying.

How can I tell what pest I have?

Identification by yourself isn’t necessary prior to calling Aries Pest Control. We can identify
the pest and treat the problem accordingly, however, please feel free to call us for advice and
book an inspection if required.

Can rodent control affect other wild animals?

Yes, it can. However, as an accredited CRRU Wildlife Aware Technician and a Think Wildlife
Supporter, every precaution is taken to minimize any risks to other wildlife.

How do I know if I have rats, or mice?

Typical signs include; droppings, gnawing, footprints and tail swipes on muddy or dusty
surfaces, burrows, nests and sightings.

I have found an old wasp nest – Will the wasps return?

No, a wasp nest is only used for one season.

Are Aries Pest Control qualified to carry out pest control?

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